Using Zapier, you can send Acquire Live chat ended transcripts to create new Tickets, leads and contacts or emails in your CRM or emails and much more :

Creating a Zap consist of three main parts:

  1. Setting up the Zap
  2. Configure the App
  3. Launching the Zap

1. Setting up the Zap

First Login in Acquire Dashboard > Click on Zapier.

Click on Zapier Integration after you will see all Zap for integration with multiple apps, We are showing 7 popular zaps here, for more Zap you can visit Zapier site as well. To make a zap click on use this zap. ( Here we are giving example Acquire-Gmail, send emails when Acquire chats end. You can use another ZAP also. Example: – Salesforce, Zoho, Slack, etc. )



Select Trigger

Select Trigger From Acquire Trigger App, here we are using “Chat End” Trigger, Acquire trigger will be called when recent chat ended by an agent. After choosing it to your Zap and Click on Save + Continue to proceed.

2. Configure the App

Connect and create your Acquire Live Chat account to zap.

  1. Enter your acquire Account ID
  2. Add Acquire live Chat API token and click on continue.

Get Acquire ACCOUNT ID And API Token

  1. The first login Acquire and click on dashboard right side corner Username [YOURNAME] and use your Account ID.
  2. For API Token, Setting > API Token and whitelist get API token ( if you not seeing any token, generate new token ).


Select Acquire Account


Load Your Recent Ended chats as a sample

please make sure you have some recently ended chats, before making any Zap.

Pick a chat

please select any chat to set up a zap.

Configure Action App

To making Zap, we need to add action app to send chat transcript in that app, So as giving example, we are using Gmail to send emails when acquire chats end.

Choose to Send Email as the action and click on continue.

Connect Action App

After a select action, connect with your Gmail account and confirm it by clicking on Save + Continue. You can also select Gmail account from existing accounts or also create any new account.


Setup Preview


Send Email

Check the preview and fill required boxes where you wanted to send and from details. Subject and Chat transcript already selected by us, After complete this step Gmail will send this preview sample email.


Finish Step

Need to click on finish button for the final step of zap.

3. Launching the Zap

Turn the Zap on by clicking on the grey switch and start sending an email when recent Acquire chat ends. Zap will send email on given time interval like in below image there are 5 minutes, it will send emails after 5 minutes when the trigger will get recent chats from your Acquire Account.

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