Using Zapier, you can send Acquire Live chat ended transcripts to create new Tickets, leads and contacts or emails in your CRM or emails and much more :

Creating a Zap consists of three parts:

  1. Setting up the Zap
  2. Configure the App
  3. Launching the Zap.

1. Setting up the Zap

First Login in Acquire Dashboard > Click "Install" in the Zapier icon.

Click the Zapier Integration. We are showing 7 popular zaps here, for more Zaps you can visit Zapier. To make a zap click "Use this Zap". ( I.E. Gmail, Salesforce, Zoho, Slack, etc. )

Select Trigger

Select Trigger From Acquire Trigger Zap, here we are using “Chat End” Trigger, the Acquire trigger will be called when a chat ended by a user. After applying it to your Zap click "Continue" to proceed.

2. Configure the App

Connect and create your Acquire Live Chat account to zap.

  1. Enter your acquire Account ID
  2. Add Acquire live Chat API token and click "Continue".

Get Acquire ACCOUNT ID And API Token

Your Account ID can be found under your name

The API Token can be found in, Settings > API Token and whitelist get API token ( if you not seeing a token, please make sure to generate a new token ).

Select the Acquire Account

Load Your Recent Ended chats as a sample. Please make sure you have some recently ended chats, before making any Zap.

Pick a chat

Please select any chat to set up a zap.

Configure Action App

To make a Zap, we need to add an action to send chat transcripts. In this example, we are using Gmail to send emails when Live chats end.

Choose "Send Email" as the action and click "Continue".

Connect Action App

After you have selected an action, connect with your Gmail account and click "Save + Continue". You can select your Gmail account from existing accounts or create a new account.

Setup Preview

Send Email

Check the preview and fill in where you want to send and from. The subject and chat transcript is automatically filled.  After completing this step Gmail will send this sample email.

Finish Step

You will need to click "Finish"  for the final step for this zap.

3. Launching the Zap

Turn the Zap on by clicking the grey switch and start sending an email when a recent Live Chat ends. Zap will send an email on a given time interval like in the below image, it will send emails after 5 minutes from your Acquire Account.

If you have any questions or need help, come to Live Chat or email us at

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