This process of integrating your Zendesk account with the Acquire. You will be able to create new tickets directly from Acquire.

To integrate Acquire with your Zendesk account, simply follow the steps below:

Step 1

1. In the Acquire panel, go to and click on the to configure with Zendesk.

2. To fully integrate Acquire with Zendesk you will need to create your API Key. Please log in from here to get API key :

Please enter your details like this :

Subdomain :  https://[YOUR_ORG]

Email: your Zendesk account email address

API_key :  abcdXXXXXXX

Get Zendesk API Key

After you log in Zendesk, click on the settings icon at the bottom-left corner of the panel and proceed to the Channels > API section. Make sure that the Token Access section is enabled, then click on Add new token, create its name, and generate it. Copy the token and paste it somewhere secure.

Auto Sync

After Installed Zendesk you see next slide in auto-sync button. when you close chat then auto sync working and send Chat Transcript. Automatically create a ticket in your Zendesk account whenever a chat is initiated on Acquire. Export the chat transcript to Zendesk and save it in the form of ticket.

Map Fields

Map visitor’s contact detail who has initiated a chat on Acquire with your Zendesk and export the chat transcript to that contact.

Subject Editable

When you sync chat then open popup and you can edit your subject title there.

After Configuration, you can sync your chat transcript as a ticket in Zendesk.

Step 2

1. Create tickets in Zendesk directly from, click on synchronize Zendesk Integration button during a chat.

When you send a transcript to Zendesk, you can see it both in the Home and Tickets views:

That’s it! Your chat is now fully integrated with Zendesk!

If you are experiencing any trouble with this integration, please contact us via Acquire or at

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