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 Acquire Cobrowsing allows you to see and interact with your users’ web screen in real-time. Acquire co-browse improves support, drive sales, and creates a better experience for customers. You can now use Acquire to cobrowse within Zendesk.  

Installation and Configuration

First, find the Acquire app in the Zendesk Marketplace. Click on install and configure.

Give the app a title and make sure to supply your API Token found here: Complete your Installation.

We provide two methods for cobrowsing:

1. Single click button Cobrowsing

2. Cobrowsing with a custom cobrowse code

Single click button Co-browsing

Acquire offers single click Cobrowse connectivity in this app. Follow the steps below to achieve this. 

Step 1

First, go to the app, in the top right-hand corner and click on the ‘+’ plus button,  choose a specific field and save. After saving, reload Zendesk and Click on the ‘Start Cobrowse’ button.

You can update the field at any time, but after saving the field, make sure to reload Zendesk.

Step 2

After completing step 1, you need to manage some frontend scripts and put the specified saved field value to Acquire Custom Cobrowse code API ( Co-browse Custom Code API).

After the Acquire widget, add the custom code script and pass ‘CUSTOM ID‘ to it. ‘CUSTOM_ID‘ is a unique co-browse code, and you can use this code in a cobrowse to connect.

You can push the saved field value in the Zendesk App with the custom code script of Acquire in the frontend of your web site, and then add cobrowse to the ‘Start Cobrowse’ button. If the selected field value is null, then the ‘Start Cobrowse’ will not work and will appear disabled.

Step 3

After completing Step 2, you can connect to Cobrowse with a single click from the ‘Start Cobrowse’ button.

Co-browse with your custom code

After the title ‘Connect Acquire Co-browse code,’ add the custom code of Co-browse in the input field and click on ‘Connect Co-Browse.’

Sync Agents

If you want to sync all agents in Acquire as an operator, click on the app right top corner in setting gear and open a popup. Here you can see your Zendesk agent list. Here you can sync Zendesk agents to Acquire and make them operators.

Acquire iframe

When you install Zendesk,  you see the Dashboard in the left side nav menu [Acquire logo]. Open this and see your online visitors list in the iframe. If you are already logged into Acquire, then you can see a visitor list. 

If you have any questions or need help, come to Live Chat or email us at

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